On-Site 24 hr care

Doggie Day Care
6am - 6pm



Affordable, excellent quality dog care for your "Kids"
$35.00 per night  (Drop off anytime after 6:00am and pick up before 11:30am next day)
2nd Dog $30.00 per night
if you bring your own food, which is recommended
$37.00 per night
2nd Dog $32.00 per night
Includes Breakfast and Dinner
(serving Taste of the Wild Pet Food)

All dogs are provided with blankets and/or cots and kept indoors at night.

Auntie Cindy lives on the farm with her husband Peter, their daughter Veronica and Mom Meme.  Her other "Kids" include 3 horses, Tucker, Smokey and Freckles -  2 dogs, Ginger and Bella and 2 cats Angel and Elmo.
Always Keeping your "Kids" happy, loved, healthy and exercised.

Cancellation Policy: 

$50.00 Deposit applies for boarding reservations with less than 48 hour notice
$10.00 Deposit applies for daycare reservations with less than 48 hour notice

"The Next Best Place to Being Home"